30HZCD11 Beach fervour spare

Jah Wobble and Deep Space

Jah Wobble, bass, percussion; Clive Bell, flute, harmonica, stereo goathorns, shakuhachi, khene, melodica; Jean-Pierre Rasle, tenor, treble and sopranino recorder, cornemuse, crumhorn, rauschpfeife, cabrette, Lithuanian flute; Mark Sanders, drums (tracks 1-3, 7); Chris Cookson, beats, electric and acoustic guitars (tracks 4-6); Paul Schütze, atmospheres (tracks 1-3); Alex Maguire, Hammon organ (tracks 4-6).

  1. Suddenly fell into the underworld (15.48)
  2. Beach fervour spare (09.09)
  3. Kinky mantra (12.56)
  4. As night falls part 1 (04.08)
  5. As night falls part 2 (06.15)
  6. As night falls part 3 (06.40)
  7. Trance (10.30)
Tracks 1-3 recorded at Mark Angelo; tracks 4-6 recorded at Intimate Studio; track 7 recorded at the Boat House; all recorded during 1999.

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