absinthRecords 014 phono_phono

Michael Renkel/Magda Mayas/Sabine Vogel

Michael Renkel, guitar, electronics; Magda Mayas, piano, synthesizer; Sabine Vogel, flutes, electronics.

  1. Theme (14.45)
  2. Interlude (01.48)
  3. Silent bombing (20.21)
  4. Interlude II (02.02)
  5. Perception feedback (09.11)
  6. Interlude III (02.57)
  7. Rasp and rest (13.40)
Recorded November 2005 live at Vivalidsaal, Berlin.

Hand-made, screen printed, cover (reproduced above) unattributed but probably produced by Michael Renkel.

Produced in a limited edition of 500 copies.

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