Absurd CD 48 Gruntle

If, bwana

  1. Bwana bass loops mit e-bow [1995?] (12.39); bass guitar, delays, e-bow
  2. 20 violins v. 2 [11/23/01] (15.53); multiple violins
  3. Gruntle [4/28/02] (14.31); moog rogue, akai s-612 sampler, yamaha dx-9, korg guitar synth, arp 2600
  4. (Dis) gruntle [5/12/02] (08.13); yamaha dx 9, arp 2600, moog rogue, tape of bird sounds
Artwork (reproduced above) by nixilx.nijilx; design by Maya Lavda.

Research Center for the Definition of Happiness (Thessaloniki Branch).

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