Absurd CD 56 The singer

Howlin' Ghost Proletarians

Fabrice Eglin, guitars, slide guitar, amp; Michel Henritzi, guitars, slide guitar, amp, harmonica.
  1. The long farewell (01.48)
  2. Lost in the Red valley (05.54)
  3. The long farewell then it was silence (07.01)
  4. Outer dark in the morning (05.20)
  5. Outer dark the last night (04.03)
  6. The tree is on fire (01.40)
  7. Lost in the Red valley la premiere neige (07.38)
  8. Heavy slow train (04.54)
  9. Ghost of the dead singer (01.55)
Recorded Autumn 2004 in Metz and Fresnes.

Design (reproduced above) by Patrick Boeuf.

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