Acta 6 13 friendly numbers

John Butcher

John Butcher, soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones.

Solos: Buccinator's outing (07.28), Notelet (01.42), There are today more than 390 known pairs of friendly numbers (01.50), A leap in the light (04.36), Humours and vapours (04.02), Uncommon currency (01.03), A sense of occasion (02.36), The brittle chance (02.32), wisp & whisk (05.58).

Recorded at Gateway Studios Kingston, between March and December 1991.

Multitracks: Bells and clappers (03.35), Two up-two down (03.59), Mackle music (01.46), Tolv two elf kater ten (it can't be) sax (04.12).

Recorded at Pathway Studios, North London between September and December 1991.

Cover (reproduced above): from a computer painting by Glasford J. Hunter.

Re-issued in 2004 on Unsounds U07.

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