Al Maslakh Recordings MSLKH CD 04 The adventures of Nabil Fawzi

Gene Coleman/Raed Yassin

Gene Coleman, bass clarinet; Raed Yassin, double bass.
  1. Episode 1: Damn you Salah! (07.15)
  2. Episode 2: Nadim Hilmi is in danger (10.56)
  3. Episode 3: A funny day in Moore (12.35)
  4. Episode 4: Randa's on the phone (09.44)
  5. Episode 5: I won't go to Al-Kawkab Al-Yawmi today (09.55)
Recorded on 9 July 2005 at Elektra Av Studio, Ballouneh, Lebanon.

Front cover artwork and design (reproduced above) by Mazen Kerbaj.

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