AHO CD1016 If 69 was 96

Pinguin Moschner/Joe Sachse

Pinguin Moschner, tuba; Joe Sachse, electric guitar.

  1. Highway child (03.16)
  2. a) Aus allen wolken; b) Up from the skies (05.00)
  3. a) Gypsy ears; b) Voodoo chile; c) Zombie daddies; d) Purple haze; e) Red mist (10.23)
  4. a) Candle light in Disneyland; b) Burning of the midnight lamp (04.40)
  5. a) Lee pizza, ne; b) Spanish castle magic (04.18)
  6. a) The wind cries Mary; b) Leave a message after the beep (05.29)
  7. a) If sixtynine was nintysix; b) If six was nine (03.50)
  8. Angel (05.13)
  9. Hey Joe(05.36)
  10. Little wing (05.59)
  11. a) Wild thing; b) Mild swing (04.10)
Recorded in February 1994 at Studio FF, Mittweida.

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