amf 1058 Nevergreens (things we used to like - and still do)

Pinguin Moschner/Maggie Nicols/Joe Sachse

Pinguin Moschner, tuba; Maggie Nicols, voice, tap dancing; Joe Sachse, guitar.

  1. Manic depression (04.22)
  2. a) Yelping friends; b) With a little help from my friends (14.20)
  3. a) I want you; b) Eye want shoe (07.36)
  4. Blue (03.13)
  5. a) I just can't turn you loose; b) Just turning loose (04.14)
  6. a) One line - spring worm; b) Working class heroe (11.35)
  7. a) At the edge of a vedge; b) Uncle meat; c) Danny wanna eat no meat (10.56)
  8. Madness (04.54)
  9. Que sera (04.04)
Recorded on 3 October 1996 at Gostenhofer Jazztage/Nürnberg.

Cover painting by Oscar Moschner.

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