Amirani Records AMRN033/GRIMedia Records GRIM 006/Teriyaki Records TRK004 Tidal: amphidromic cotidal

A Windy Season

Angelo Contini, trombone, didjeridoo, thunder drum, jew's harp, seashell; Mirio Cosottini, trumpet, flugelhorn; Gianni Mimmo, soprano saxophone; Alessio Pisani, bassoon, contrabassoon.

  1. Amplitude and cycle time (06.02)
  2. Ebb and flow (05.51)
  3. Line and its fragility (05.45)
  4. Humpback song (08.28)
  5. Amphidromic (03.20)
  6. Tidal (06.37)
  7. Rogue wave (05.23)
  8. Bay lyric (03.30)
  9. Westerlies tale (17.45)
Recorded 5/6 January 2012 at Fondazione Remotti, Camogli, Italy.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) excerpt from Panta rhei (vectors) by Pedro Mari.

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