Amoebic/Valve 03 The bath of surprise

Steve Beresford

Steve Beresford, all instruments as indicated on individual tracks.

  1. Punctuation (01.30); acoustic guitar with microphone and battery amplifier, assorted percussion. Recorded at Acme, London, 1977.
  2. Lieutenant Dub (04.08); piano, toy synthesizer, melodica, euphonium, whirled bee, whirled tube, clarinet mouthpiece. Recorded at Notre Dame, London, 1980.
  3. Cat picture (01.42); trumpet. Recorded at SB's home, London, 1980.
  4. What is a thing (00.37); toy piano, drum. No recording details.
  5. The bath of surprise (02.36); bath water, nailbrush, body, whistles, tubes, reeds, balloons. SB's old flat, London, 1977.
  6. Concealed entrance (02.12); bass guitar, piano, footclickers, blechtrommel, giggle stick, trumpet, toy synthesizer, musicbox. No recording details.
  7. My old piano (01.33); toy piano, cymbal, drum, ukelele. SB's old flat, London, 1977.
  8. Burning problems (01.38); cowbox, toy piano, musical toothbrush, trumpet with reed, mini amp and mic, cassette of previous performances, duck call, cymbal. Recorded at Action Space, London, 1977.
  9. Schlussakkord (03.25); piano, electronic bird, squeaky chops, chicken box, toy record player, plastic horn. No recording details.
  10. Those oldies but goodies remind me of you (01.18); voices, piano. Recorded in London, 1977.
  11. A cup of tea and a bun (07.18); piano with toy piano inside. Recorded at J. Marshall's previous residence, 1979.
  12. Mr & Mrs Wu (04.13); bass guitar, euphonium, talking telephone, percussion, Astro-phaser, flugelhorn. Recorded in David Cunningham's room in London, 1980.
  13. Spring clips (09.58); piano with toy piano inside. Recorded at J. Marshall's previous residence, 1979.
  14. A continuous supply of history (00.37); flugelhorn. SB's place, 1980.
Cover photograph (reproduced above) and layout by Hot Pink Heart Graphics.

Originally released in 1980 on LP Piano 003.

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