Ano Kato Records rei 2005 The arrow of time

Floros Floridis

Floros Floridis, alto saxophone, clarinets, bass clarinet; Dimitris Polizoidis, violin (track 1); Dimitris Magriotis, cello (track 1); Yannis Mourtzopoulos, electronics (tracks 1, 2, 3); Mihalis Lapidakis, piano (track 1); Mihalis Siganidis, double bass (track 1); Roula Pateraki, recitation of text by Edgar Allan Poe (tracks 2, 3); Carlos Zingaro, violin (track 4); Jean-Marc Montera, electric-electronic guitar (track 5); Paul Lovens, percussion (track 5).

  1. Solid (be)cause (22.09); recorded in 1989 at Studio Agrotikon
  2. Silence I (18.03); recorded in 1990 at Silence's Studio
  3. Silence II (09.20); recorded in 1990 at Silence's Studio
  4. Bloody foreigners (09.57); recorded in 1992 at FORUM, Wuppertal, Germany
  5. Splendour, I (12.50); recorded in 1993 at AEGLI, Thessaloniki, Greece
Cover design and artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Floros Floridis.
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