Another timbre at09 las piedras

Esteban Algora/Alessandra Rombolá/Ingar Zach

Esteban Algora, accordion; Alessandra Rombolá, flutes, tiles installation; Ingar Zach, bass drum, percussion.

  1. Ámbar (07.45)
  2. Alabastro (04.21)
  3. Galena (12.19)
  4. Turmalina (06.53)
  5. Jade (06.48)
  6. Amatista (05.28)
Recorded on 3/4 August 2007 at the Eremita de la Anunciada, Urueña, Spain.

Photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Milena Mihaylova; design by

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