ASC CD1 Shepherd wheel

The Fairclough Group

Christine Tobin, vocals; Peter Whyman, clarinet, soprano and alto saxophones; Paul Dunmall, soprano, tenor and C-Melody saxophones; Pete Saberton, piano; Rick Bolton, guitar; Tim Harries, bass; Richard Newby, drums, percussion; Peter Fairclough, drums, wind gong.

  1. Jacob's ladder (04.57)
  2. Shepherd wheel (07.23)
  3. The yaller belly (02.57)
  4. Saint Monda (10.02)
  5. Rattening (01.35)
  6. Stoneburst (05.36)
  7. Racing (02.05)
  8. When there's nothing left to burn (02.56)
Recorded on 12 January 1995.

Painting (reproduced above) The two grinders by Godfrey Sykes (1825-1866), reproduced by courtesy of Sheffield City Museums.

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