Atavistic ALP166CD The color of memory

Vandermark 5

Jeb Bishop, trombone; Tim Daisy, drums; Kent Kessler, bass; Dave Rempis, saxophones; Ken Vandermark, reeds.

    Disc One
  1. That was now [For the Volcano Suns] (10.38)
  2. Suitcase [For Ray Charles, Elvin Jones, and Steve Lacy] (07.49)
  3. Road work [For Merce Cunningham] (06.38)
  4. Burn nostalgia [For Art Pepper] (07.10)
  5. Chance [For Nina Rota] (10.35)
    Disc Two
  1. Vehicle [For Magnus Broo] (08.42)
  2. Camera [For Edward Weston] (18.55)
  3. Pieces of the past [For Joseph H. Lewis] (10.04)
Recorded on 10/11 July 2004 at Semaphore, Chicago.

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