ALP263CD Strange strings

Sun Ra

Sun Ra, electric piano, lightning drum, tympani, squeaky door, strings; Marshall Allen, oboe, alto saxophone, strings; Ronnie Boykins, bass; John Gilmore, tenor saxophone, strings; Danny Davis, alto saxophone, flute, strings; Thlan Aldridge, space voice, strings; Ali Harsan, trombone, strings; James Jacson, log drums, strings; Clifford Jarvis, tympani, percussion; Pat Patrick, flute, baritone saxophone, strings.

  1. Worlds approaching (10.17)
  2. Strings strange (12.47)
  3. Strange strange (20.23)
  4. Door squeak (12.29)
Tracks 1-3 recorded in New York, circa 1966; track 4 recorded New York, circa 1967.

Photographs (front cover repoduced above) by Charles Shabacon.

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