Atavistic Unheard Music Series UMS/ALP216CD As was

Rova Saxophone Quartet

John Raskin, baritone, alto, soprano saxophones, clarinet; Larry Ochs, tenor, sopranino and alto saxophones; Andrew Voigt, alto, sopranino, soprano saxophones, flutes; Bruce Ackley, soprano saxophone, clarinet.

  1. Daredevils (for Mr Kite) (03.49)
  2. Quill (for Valda Setterfield) (06.18)
  3. Escape from village zero (for Ted Greenwald) (06.05)
  4. Under the street where you live (for Albert Ayler) (10.03)
  5. Paint another take of the shootpop (for Olivier Messiaen and Otis Redding) (19.20)
Recorded in Berkeley, California at 1750 Arch Street Studios in April 1981.

Cover desing (front cover reproduced above) by Mary Frank; photomechanics by Graphic Impressions, Oakland.

Originally issued in 1981 on Metalanguage Records, ML 118.

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