Atavistic Unheard Music Series UMS/ALP218CD Dark day + Live in Verona

Fred Anderson

Fred Anderson, tenor saxophone; Bill Brimfield, trumpet; Steven Palmore, bass; Hank (Hamid) Drake, percussion, tabla drums.

    Disc one: Dark day
  1. Dark day (18.40)
  2. Saxoon (11.32)
  3. Three on two (18.07)
  4. The prayer (10.55)
    Disc two: Live in Verona
  1. The bull (16.32)
  2. Three on two (31.46)
  3. Dark day (25.12)
Disc one recorded on 15 May 1979 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; disc two recorded on 19 May 1979 at Veron Jazz 1979, Palazzo Della Gran Guardia, Verona.

Front cover art (reproduced above) Brother Fred by Robert Kai Jon Kasseckert.

Disc one was originally issued in 1979 on Message Records, Message 0004.

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