Atavistic Unheard Music Series UMS/ALP226CD Underground railroad/Live at Holy Cross Monastery

Joe McPhee

Joe McPhee, tenor saxophone, trumpet, pocket cornet, alto horn; Reggie Marks, tenor saxophone, flute, soprano saxophone, organ; Tyrone Crabb, bass; Ernest Bostic, drums, percussion, vibes; Otis Greene, alto saxophone, harmonica (Disc 1 track 4, 5 and Disc 2 only); Joe Virgillio, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone (Disc 1 tracks 4, 5 and Disc 2 only).

    Disc one
    Joe McPhee Quartet - Underground railroad
  1. Underground railroad (22.43)
  2. Harriet (11.07)
  3. Message from Denmark (09.49)

    Contemporary Improvisational Ensemble Live at Holy Cross Monastery

  4. New spiritual No. 1 (14.19)
  5. E=MC2 (09.53)
    Disc two
    Contemporary Improvisational Ensemble Live at Holy Cross Monastery
  1. Justice (Evidence) (12.30)
  2. Windy City head stompin' blues (12.30)
  3. Birmingham Sunday: a) Morning song/lament b) Hymn of the dragon kings/Song (25.42)
  4. Spain adios (12.58)
All tracks recorded at Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY; tracks 1-3 on Disc 1 on 13 April 1969; other track on 13 October 1968.

Front cover drawing (reproduced above) by William Roberts.

Originally issued in 1969 on CjRecords, CJR-1.

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