Atavistic Unheard Music Series UMS/ALP239CD Voila enough!


Peter Cusack, electric guitar, Spanish guitar, feedback, possible clarinet; Terry Day, drums, percussion, alto saxophone, balloons, bamboo pipe, maraca, voice, mandolin, toy instruments,pocket synthesizer, pocket trumpet, reed in cup, toy harmonica, piano; David Toop, electric guitar, bass guitar, bamboo and plastic flutes, dog whistles, game calls, animal horn, football rattle, African fiddle, faulty guitar pedal; Steve Beresford, piano, euphonium, music box, whirling instruments, toy electric keyboard, automatic toy organ, toy electric guitar, bass guitar, toy piano, toy drumming monkey, siren, chicken box, football rattle, toy record player, microphones.
  1. Berlin (03.27)
  2. Berlin (01.53)
  3. Berlin (02.44)
  4. Berlin (04.49)
  5. Berlin (11.10)
  6. Bracknell (10.17)
  7. Bracknell (00.39)
  8. Bracknell (01.26)
  9. Bracknell (02.03)
  10. Bracknell (02.17)
  11. Tilburg (03.08)
  12. Tilburg (01.18)
  13. Tilburg (06.04)
  14. Tilburg (02.54)
  15. LMC segue (04.18)
Berlin tracks recorded at FMP Workshop Freie Musik, Akademie der Künst, on 15 March 1981; Bracknell tracks recorded on 20 January 1980; Tilburg tracks recorded on 25 January 1980; LMC segue recorded at London Musicians Collective on 27 October 1979 and 9 March 1980.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Gérard Rouy; design by ATAWorld.

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