Avant AVAN 039 Signals for tea

Steve Beresford, his piano and orchestra

Steve Beresford, piano, voice; John Zorn, alto saxophone and backing vocals; Dave Douglas, trumpet and backing vocals; Greg Cohen, double bass and backing vocals; Kenny Wollesen, drums and backing vocals.

All my fibres (04.01), Rent (04.17), Unremarkable (05.44), Signals for tea (04.16), Approximate song (03.31), Lets get cynical (03.43), Good morning (06.50), The 3 doors (06.06), Elephants (04.05), Little window (04.30), The agony of you (03.40), Good morning [solo version] (03.15), Speed limit (08.33), Unremarkable [solo version] (03.43).

All compositions and arrangements by Steve Beresford; all lyrics by Andrew Brenner.

Recorded and mixed July 1994 at Baby Monster Studio, NYC.

Design (front of cover reproduced above) by Arai Tasunori.

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