Avant 060 Guitar, drums 'n' bass

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey, electric guitar; D.J. Ninj, drum programming.

N/JZ/BM [re-mix] (03.33), RE-RE-RE [up-mix] (01.35), DNJBB [cake-mix] (13.46), CONCRETE [cement-mix] (07.02), NINJ [de-mix] (11.29), PIE [amatosis-mix] (01.38).

Bass and drums recorded spring 1995 in Birmingham, England; guitar recorded September 1995 at Bill Laswell's studio, NYC.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Arai Yasunori.

The full story of the (non)recording of this CD can be read in an interview between Derek Bailey and Stefan Jaworzyn.

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