Ayler Records aylCD-010 Traque

Return of the New Thing

Dan Warburton, piano, violin; François Fuchs, bass; Jean-Luc Guionnet, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone; Edward Perraud, drums.
  1. Traque (29.15)
  2. Trictrac (19.51)
  3. Babil (03.56)
  4. Scent (15.34)
  5. Vloo (05.05)
Track 1 was recorded at Studio Val d'Orge, Epinay sur Orge, France on 16 February 2002; other tracks recorded at the Festival Jazz à Mulhouse, France on 25 August 2000.

Cover art (reproduced above) and design by Åke Bjurhamn.

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