Ayler Records aylCD-012 Live at Glenn Miller Café

Peter Janson/Jonas Kullhammar/Paal Nilssen-Love

Peter Janson, bass; Jonas Kullhammar, tenor and baritone saxophone; Paal Nilssen-Love, drums.
  1. Cold thrills (09.17)
  2. Slowdown (10.23)
  3. Smash-and-grab (24.01)
  4. Blow-out (28.16)
Recorded on 4 September 2001 at the Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm.

Cover art (reproduced above) and layout by Åke Bjurhamn.

Press release from Ayler Records: January 2002

From an interview with Jonas Kullhammar, I got the impression that Jonas would like to record with a trio. I also understood that he would like to try something more free compared with what he normally plays in the various groups he participates in. I talked to Jonas about it and as we both enjoy the atmosphere at Ulf Sterner's joint Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm, we decided that a trio performance/recording should take place here.

There was a very short discussion about who should join Jonas in the trio. Peter Janson was the immediate choice for the bass and everybody who has heard Peter understands why. Paal Nilssen-Love has in a short time become a well known free drummer due to his many activities in well know "Free Jazz Triangle"; Stockholm - Chicago - Oslo. The three had met very briefly at some musical events but they had never played together in the same group before. No one of them was worried about this fact. On the contrary, they all become very exited about the proposed gig and saw it as a challenge.

We were looking for a two nights gig at the Glenn Miller Café preceded by a rehearsal day. But, it turned out to be almost impossible to find dates which could suite all three due to the fact that they all three are very much in demand. Jonas seams to 'always be playing with everybody'. Peter is of course one of the members in the famous group Aaly which makes many tours around the world every year. He also takes part in many activities in his home town, Gothenburg. Paal is all over the place - in Oslo, Stockholm, London or Chicago. I'm not sure how many groups he is taking part in.

We eventually found a date which was suitable for everybody. The rehearsal was more or less a meeting to getting to know each other. No one brought any material and I think they only talked and had a drink.

The music they performed was absolutely free without any predetermined concepts. The first set on the first day was a little restraint but we could all hear that something is going to happen here. Jonas is by nature a very melodic musician and has a fantastic sense for rhythms. This in combination with Peter's and Paal's long experiences from free playing created absolutely fantastic fire music. Notice how Jonas in some parties let us listen to what Peter and Paal create while he still keep our ears open for his scanty notes. It was two memorable nights in front of a very, as always, keen and responsive audience at the famous Glenn Miller Café.

It is obvious that these are some of the most active, creative and talents young musicians one could find at the moment in Scandinavia and to have the opportunity to produce a record with them is like a gift and very flattering.

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