Ayler Records aylCD-030 Live at Glenn Miller Café

Exploding customer

Martin Küchen, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone; Kjell Nordeson, drums; Tomas Hallonsten, trumpet; Benjamin Quigley, bass.
  1. Samael/Smash hits on several exits (we won't let you in!) (10.37)
  2. Quoting Frippe: (what's the name of the bass player?) (09.51)
  3. Pygmi (09.44)
  4. A broken glass (10.41)
  5. Corsican train (05.24)
  6. Tango du prison (07.42)
  7. Speak! (08.51)
Recorded on 27 May 2002 at Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm, Sweden.

Cover art and design (reproduced above) by Åke Bjurhamn.

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