Ayler Records aylCD-047 Live at the Vision Festival

Jemeel Moondoc Tentet/Jus Grew Orchestra

Jemeel Moondoc, alto saxophone, conduction; Zane Massey, tenor saxophone; Michael Marcus, baritone saxophone; Roy Campbell, trumpet; Nathan Breedlove, trumpet; Steve Swell, trombone; Tyron Hill, trombone; Bern Nix, guitar; John Voigt, bass; Gerald Cleaver, drums.
  1. Opulent continuum (08.43)
  2. The blue dog - Blues for Earl Cross (14.32)
  3. Variation of a riff (14.06)
  4. Cosmic tabernacle (08.36)
Recorded on 1 June 2001 at the Sixth Annual Vision Festival, NYC.

Cover art (reproduced above) and design by Åke Bjurhamn.

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