Ayler Records aylCD-055 Live at the Glenn Millar Café


John Lindblom, guitar; Fredrik Ljungkvist, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Magnus Broo, trumpet; Johan Berthling, bass; Kjell Nordeson, drums.
  1. Cyklone song (06.33)
  2. Slow glow (06.36)
  3. Nothing too eccentric (10.31)
  4. Sing song (07.50)
  5. Bright lights, clean fights (06.26)
  6. Inner place, outer space (06.45)
  7. What I say (07.43)
Recorded at the Glenn Millar Café, Stockholm on 19/20 January 2004.

Cover art (reproduced above) and design by Åke Bjurhamn.

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