Ayler Records aylCD-117 Cape of storms

Dennis González Yells at Eels

Dennis González, Bb cornet, C trumpet, gongs, sleigh bells, shakers, pao do chuva, goat hooves; Aaron González, bass; Louis Moholo-Moholo, drums, voice; Stefan González, vibraphone, drums, congas, balafon, djembe, roto-toms, temple bells, gongs, school bell, splash, cymbals; Tim Green, tenor saxohone, tambourine.

  1. Document for Walt Dickerson (07.25)
  2. Interlude: a desert hidden in the waves (05.19)
  3. Tag (06.48)
  4. Interlude: Gecka (04.31)
  5. Cape of storms I (06.01)
  6. Interlude: internal dialogue, eternal pulse (05.35)
  7. Tranquilidad Alborotadora I (06.39)
  8. Cape of storms II (12.01)
  9. Tranquilidad Alborotadora II (08.03)
  10. Snakehandler (08.03)
Recorded 9, 10 and 13 February 2010 in Dallas and New Orleans.

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by Dennis González; design by Stéphane Berland.

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