Ayler Records aylCD-002 Live at Glenn Miller Café

Arthur Doyle/Sunny Murray featuring Bengt Frippe Nordström

Arthur Doyle, tenor saxophone, flute, voice (tracks 4-7); Sunny Murray, drums; Bengt Frippe Nordström, alto saxophone (tracks 1-3).
  1. Spontaneous creation, part 1 (02.00)
  2. Spontaneous creation, part 2 (06.36)
  3. Spontaneous creation, part 3 (03.19)
  4. African love call (12.33)
  5. Two free jazz men speak (20.16)
  6. Nature boy (09.27)
  7. Joy (12.33)
Recorded on 30 March 2000 at the Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm, Sweden

Cover art (reproduced above) From Sveaborg by Åke Bjurhamn.

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