Ayler Records aylCD-072 Støj

Mark O'Leary/Peter Friis-Nielsen/Stefan Passborg

Mark O'Leary, guitar, implements; Peter Friis-Nielsen, bass, implements; Stefan Passborg, drums, percussion.

  1. First tune (02.16)
  2. Kinetic (08.12)
  3. Trykkende (06.36)
  4. Støj (05.34)
  5. Odessa (10.28)
  6. Attitude (07.18)
  7. I fancy it when they go a bit free (02.52)
  8. Exit (09.04)
  9. Interference (03.49)
Recorded March 2008 at Karma Crew Studio, Copenhagen.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Bernard Minier; design by Stéphane Berland.

This is part of the Ayler Records Guerilla Series.

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