Ayler Records aylCD-085 Double action

Laurence Cook/Eric Zinman

Laurence Cook, drums, percussion, Casio wk1630; Eric Zinman, Yamaha CP300 stage piano.

  1. Threat one (05.02)
  2. Threat two (08.20)
  3. Siege (11.39)
  4. Dogs (03.09)
  5. The greater the green, the greater the ceremony (01.28)
  6. Limited highway access (02.21)
  7. Incident (13.58)
Recorded January-October 2009 in Pawtucket, RI and Cambridge, MA.

Cover painting (reproduced above) by Linda Clave; layout and design by Stéphane Berland.

This is part of the Ayler Records Guerilla Series.

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