BKH-005 Change dance troubled energy

Kevin Norton

Kevin Norton, drums, glockenspiel, percussion; Mark Dresser, bass; Dave Ballou, trumpet, cornet; Steve Lehman, alto and sopranino saxophones; Rachel Telesmanick, alto and baritone saxophones.

  1. Section A/Section B (10.16)
  2. Alto focus: Section C (05.48)
  3. Alto focus: Section D (08.22)
  4. Bass/trumpet focus: Section E (06.58)
  5. Trumpet/percussion duo (01.58)
  6. Percussion solo (05.40)
  7. Collective focus: Section A/F (04.29)
  8. Coda (01.32)
Recorded on 8 June 2001 at Tedesco Studios.

Cover art (reproduced above) I, a woman by Rosa Baik.

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