Bead 002 Gushwachs

Gush/Phil Wachsmann

Mats Gustafsson, French flageolett, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, fluteophone; Sten Sandell, piano, prepared piano, harmonium, analogue synthesizer, voice, percussion; Raymond Strid, amplified and processed instruments and objects, table percussion; Phil Wachsmann, violin, viola, electronics, AKS synthesizer, elastic.

Electric match [1893] (04.51), Gushwachs (03.48), Photographic tricycle for tourists [1883] (16.25), The electric torchlight procession [1884] (10.18), Unrushed time [1995] (01.48), Hanging garden (02.15), Pictographic lines (02.41), Phono proposition (06.45), Duoscope part I, part II, part III (08.04), Field of heavy wires (10.20).

Recorded at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, Stockholm, on 18 May 1994.

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