BGOCD13 Shooting at the moon

Kevin Ayers and the Whole World

Kevin Ayers, guitar, bass, voice; Mike Oldfield, bass, guitar, voice; Lol Coxhill, saxophones, electric saxophone, zoblophone; Mick Fincher, drums, percussion; David Bedford, piano, organ, accordion; Bridget St John, vocal (track 3).

  1. May I/Rheinhardt and Geraldine/Colores para Dolores (09.40)
  2. Lunatics lament/Pisser dans un violon (12.54)
  3. The oyster and the flying fish/Underwater/Clarence in Wonderland/Red green and you blue (12.27)
  4. Shooting at the moon (05.46)

No recording date provided; booklet notes say LP was released by Harvest in October 1970.
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