Birth Records 045 Legendary: the 27th of May 1997

Gunter Hampel 'Heartplants' Quintet

Gunter Hampel, flute, vibraphone, bass clarinet; Manfred Schoof, trumpet, flugelhorn; Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano; Arjen Gorter, bass; Pierre Courbois, drums.

  1. No. 783: Legendary (flute solo) (03.27)
  2. (announcement) (00.47)
  3. No. 487: Spielplatz (21.15)
  4. No. 431: All the things you could be if Charles Mingus was your daddy (27.21)
Recorded on 27 May 1997 at Triennale Köln Stadtgarten.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Herbert Weissrock; design by Gunter Hampel.

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