Blue Chopsticks BC5 The coxcomb/Avocado orange

David Grubbs

The coxcomb is an adaptation of Stephen Crane's The Blue hotel featuring Stephen Prina (narrator); Sasha Andrès (the cowboy); David Grubbs (the Swede, guitar); Thierry Madiot (bass trombone); Didier Petit (cello, voice); Yves Robert (trombone); Quentin Rollet (alto saxophone).

Track 2 features Noël Akchoté, guitar; Dan Brown, drums; David Gibbs, guitar, synthesizer; John McEntire, snare drum; Quentin Rollet, alto saxophone.

  1. The coxcomb (16.52)
  2. Avocodo orange (10.20)
Track 1 recorded in June 1998 at Xtralab, Paris; track 2 recorded spring 2000 at the Rare Book Room, Brooklyn.

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by Albert Oehlen.

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