Blue Tower BTLP 01/02 Sounds: contemporary Swedish improvised music

Various artists

Two slices of electric car [Mats Gustafsson, fluteophone, sopranino saxophone; Christian Munthe, electric and acoustic guitar]: Refrain III (01.08), Refrain IV (04.48).

Lokomotiv Konkret [Dror Feiler, tenor saxophone, metals; Sören Runolf, electric guitar; Tommy Björk (drums and percussion)]: Ben IV (04.41).

Marie Selander, voice; Paul Pignon, recorder, clarinet, tenor saxophone: Dimer II (02.25).

Arne Forsén, piano: Sounds of hounds (02.43).

Bengt Nordström, baritone saxophone; Peeter Uuskyla, drums; Ulf Åkerhielm, bass: Den stora tystnaden på Vrångö (02.30).

Iskra [Jörgen Adolfsson, alto saxophone; Tuomo Haapala, bass; Sune Spångberg, drums and percussion]: Stormwind, svavel och kristallark (03.57).

Maxcolic [Mats Gustafsson, tenor saxophone; Anders Lindsjö, bass guitar; Raymond Strid, selected percussion and drums]: Three arguments against television, part III (01.27).

Sten Sandell, piano, voice, percussion: Omöblerat II (06.10).

Aaly trio [Mats Gustafsson, fluteophone; Niklas Billström, bass; Kjell Nordeson, drums]: Albumblatt (04.53).

Så Vidare [Johan Petri, soprano saxophone; Ivo Nilsson, trombone; Sten Sandell, piano, sampling keyboard, percussion; Peter Söderberg, acoustic guitar]: Arken IV (05.34).

The too much too soon orchestra [Dror Feiler, contrabass clarinet, electronics, drilling machine, grinding machine; Raymond King, cello; Mats Lindström, home-made live electronics, drilling machine, face grinding machine; Tommy Björk, drums and percussion]: Nödvändigheten av att underblåsa hatet och hålla det levande (07.57).

Raymond Strid, acoustic guitar, selected percussion; Peter Söderberg, acoustic guitar: Slagit II (02.56), Slagit IV (02.26).

Per Henrik Wallin, piano: En till Hill (R is permanent) (02.20).

Instant Brass [Per-Åke Holmlander, tuba; Ivo Nilsson, trombone; Lars Almqvist, trumpet]: Bore (03.16).

Lars Göran Ulander, alto saxophone: Jojk (02.57).

Frim storband [Lars Almqvist, trumpet; Per-Åke Holmlander, tuba, tubaphone; Dror Feiler, contrabass clarinet, sopranino saxophone; Jörgen Adolfsson, contrabass clarinet, sopranino saxophone; Paul Pignon, tenor saxophone; Kennet Schlaich, baritone saxophone; Björn Hellstöm, bass clarinet; Arne Forsén, piano; Magnus Hayashi Alexanderson, guitar; Christian Munthe, guitar; Peter Söderberg, acoustic guitar; Tuomo Haapala, double bass; Ulf Åkerhielm, double bass; Tommy Björk, drums and percussion; Kjell Nordeson, drums and percussion; Marie Selander, voice; Mats Gustafsson, conductor]: Borstviska (10.49).

Ulf Åkerhielm, double bass: Nummer 35 (09.32).

Gush [Mats Gustafsson, sopranino, tenor and baritone saxophone, fluteophone; Sten Sandell, piano, sampling keyboards, voice, percussion; Raymond Strid, selected percussion]: (From) Things (to Sounds) (14.30).

Recorded at Fylkingen, Stockholm on 3, 4, 5 November 1989 with the exception of track 3 in June 1989, and track 16 in April 1989 in Umeå.

Cover photo (partly reproduced above) by Sven Boija.

Double LP includes 52 page booklet dealing with free improvisation in Sweden, interviews, and information on the musicians.

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