Bowindo 06 3Quarters had been eliminated

3/4had been eliminated

Stefano Pilia, Claudio Rocchetti, Valerio Tricoli, guitars, harmonium, double bass, percussion, glass harmonica, resonant pipes, objects, turntables, synthesizer, tapes, electronics, field recordings; Antonio Albanese, percussion, glass harmonica (track 1); Tony Arrabito, drums (track 7).
  1. Getsemany fields under impossible rain (04.56)
  2. The soul of their suits (05.50)
  3. Standing position (01.52)
  4. Memory man (08.51)
  5. My smallest ego (07.18)
  6. Bench/frozen (04.19)
  7. Bedrock (11.26)
Recorded at Via Paolo Costa, Bologna, Italy between March and November 2003.

All images (front cover reproduced above) taken from the book Baikonur cosmodrome by Vincenzo Cabiati adn Armin Linke.

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