Bowindo BW13 Hums

AMP2/Tim Hodgkinson

AMP2 [Advanced Music and Mixed Media Pool Palermo]: Dario Sanfilippo, laptop, live electronics; Marco Pianges, laptop; Antonio Secchia, percussion; Gandolfo Pagano, prepared guitar; Domenico Sciajno, laptop, live electronics; Tim Hodgkinson, lapsteel guitar, electronics, clarinets.
  1. Intelligent sofa (07.56)
  2. Mr. Mamontov (09.02)
  3. Rolling (04.45)
  4. Hoop scorn (09.39)
  5. Silt omen (03.47)
  6. The fish and dagger (08.06)
  7. Claw paste (03.24)
Recorded 26/27 April 2009 at AMP2 Studio, Palermo, Italy.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Enrica Di Gangi.

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