Bruce's Fingers BF 2 Two steps to easier breathing: a South African suite

Persuasion A

Martin Jones, trumpet, flugelhorn; Pete Minns, soprano and tenor saxophones; Charles Wharf, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet; Keith Tippett, piano; Simon H. Fell, double bass; Tony Shepherd, drums.

  1. Free Nelson (11.21)
  2. Room 1026 (07.32)
  3. Liberation dance of the blue street devil (01.55)
  4. Two Bothas bad (12.44)
  5. Futility (05.49)
  6. Free Nelson (reprise) (06.08)
Recorded at Falconer Studios, London on 16 February 1988.

Available on LP only.

Cover photography by Jo Fell.

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