Bruce's Fingers BF 32 Termite one


Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone; George Haslam, baritone saxophone; Paul Rutherford, trombone; Simon H. Fell, double bass; Paul Hession, drums.

  1. Termite one one (17.25)
  2. Termite one three (10.00)
  3. Termite one four (11.04)
  4. Termite one two (09.58)
Recorded on 11 November 1989 at The Termite Festival, Pack Horse Inn, Leeds.

Originally released as BFC24 cassette in 1990; this CD re-issue (with 3 minutes extra on the last track) released in 1999. Also on this CD release, the tracks have been moved round so they represent the order played (in spite of their titles!).

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Simon H. Fell.

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