Bruce's Fingers BF 34 Picture August

Mick Beck/Stephen Grew

Mick Beck, tenor saxophone, bassoon, recorders; Stephen Grew, piano.

  1. Upflucht (12.05)
  2. Is there a race against time (10.10)
  3. The giant and the actress (06.35)
  4. Molten metal (04.43)
  5. Extract from an abstract (05.21)
  6. A good ballad (06.12)
  7. Think and whistle (07.40)
  8. Little drummer boy (04.08)
Recorded at St Michael's College, Lancaster on 17 August 1999.

Drawing and design concept (reproduced above) by Stephen Grew; house style and layout by Simon H. Fell.

Available on CD only.

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