A Bruit Secret 01 Italia

Taku Sugimoto

Taku Sugimoto, guitar.
  1. Bologna (19.34)
  2. Milano (25.57)
  3. Milano (10.16)
Track 1 recorded in Bologna on November 21, 2000; tracks 2 and 3 recorded in Milano on November 22, 2000. Concerts organized by Giuseppe Ielasi (fringes).

Press release from A Bruit Secret: mid-2001

Taku Sugimoto belongs to the new scene of improvised music in Tokyo, whose particularity is to put forth the recent transformations of the sonic phenomenon induced by electronics with its transversal instrumental approach. He has built his technique on two kinds of traditions, Delta blues and European free improvisation, without confining himself to either of those traditions, looking for his own oblique ways, influenced by the music of Morton Feldman and Giancinco Scelsi, moving within a very specific approach of sound. The main peculiarity of his sound could be his very strong relationship with silence and a fondness for weak sounds, the "almost nothings". This third solo recording, which folows Myshkin for Electric Guitar released on the Slub label and Oppposite on Hat Noir, reveals a new development in his playing, closer to Derek Bailey's percussive style and with a very radical work on the sustain. He has played in the last few years with the most innovative improvisers of this scene: Keith Rowe, Kevin Drumm, Annette Krebs, Toshimaru Nakamura, Günter Müller, Otomo Yoshihide and Brett Larner.
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