A Bruit Secret 03 Trumpet

Axel Dörner

Axel Dörner, trumpet.
  1. (25.00)
  2. (17.23)
Recorded January/March 2001 in Berlin.

Press release from A Bruit Secret: mid-2001

Axel Dörner lives and works in Berlin. He is part of the recent improvisation scene which renews this practice by using a method close to contemporary conceptual music. He has played in various jazz and free improvisation groups along with musicians like Mats Gustaffson, Xavier Charles, Sven-Åke Johansson, Andrea Neumann, Annette Krebs, John Butcher, Butch Morris or the Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra.

Trumpet has its own mythical characters, and Chet Baker was their archetype, an expressionist depressive lost in the too burdensome history of jazz and his own obsession with the musical phrase. Axel Dörner would be his negative twin, no more lost in inner obsessions but rather in the practice of active listening in search of an abstractive potentiality for his instrument, within the sound as the only vibration subsisting in the air. What distances him from other jazz trumpet players is the disappearance of the phrase, until it reaches the core of the musical note which he then erases by working on a regular blowing, putting together abstract noises, miniatures of blowing This abstraction recalls the new electronic aesthetics, a kind of sound that seems to lose its own particular acoustical quality as if generated by an electronic device to create a beautiful ambiguity of sound.

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