A Bruit Secret 09 1 : 2

Sachiko M

Sachiko M, one empty sampler and three oscillators.
  1. 1 : 2 (20.06)
Recorded at ES 101 studio, Tokyo on 29 June 2003.

This is a mini-CD in a special card sleeve.

Press release from A Bruit Secret: October 2003

Sachiko M plays a No-sampler (with sine-waves) as her unique instrument, thus creating her own abruitsecret. In the after of sampling, diverting her digital sampler from its specific use, erasing all memories, voiding it from all samples that could be taken from our record collections or cultural databanks, she listens to the internal sound of the machine, designing the sound in a both abstract and radical approach. She wants her music to have no memory, she claims no influence, forms are taken as ephemeral proposals, she draws an esthetics of disappearance from her sine-waves. Sachiko M has played in Ground Zero, before taking part of the Filament (with Yoshihide Otomo), ISO (with Otomo and Yoshimitsu Ichiraku) and Cosmos projects (with Ami Yoshida). She plays improv with Toshimaru Nakamura, Taku Sugimoto, Andrea Neumann, Kaffe Matthews and John Tilbury, and many more.

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