between the lines btl 012 Cryptology

François Houle

François Houle 5 [François Houle, clarinets, bass clarinet; Peggy Lee, cello; Brad Turner, trumpet, piano; Tony Wilson, guitar; Dylan Van Der Schyff, percussion; Sheila McDonald, violin (track 2 only)].

  1. Palinodia (07.41)
  2. Le corps abstrait s'adandonne à la lumière (03.41)
  3. Prayer (05.52)
  4. Hive-mind (07.44)
  5. Asymptote (04.59)
  6. Palinodia II (03.07)
  7. The donkey's tale (07.30)
  8. Keystream mystery (07.35)
Recorded at Blue Wave Productions, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 4-5 October 2000.

Cover art work (reproduced above) by Jutta Obenhuber; graphic design: fuhrer vienna.

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