between the lines btl 014 To touch a distant soul

Oskar Aichinger

Lorenz Raab, trumpet; Max Nagl, soprano and alto saxophones; Martin Siewert, guitar; Oskar Aichinger, piano; Achim Tang, bass; Paul Skrepek Jr, drums.
  1. Siren song (07.41)
  2. Cocoon (09.42)
  3. Phoenix (05.31)
  4. Nucleus (10.56)
  5. Initials to a ballad (11.19)
  6. Attraction and sudden solitude (04.20)
  7. Per sempre (05.37)
  8. Ritornell (07.55)
Recorded at 4tune audioproduction, Vienna on 12/13 November 2000.

Cover art work (reproduced above) by Jutta Obenhuber; graphic design: fuhrer vienna.

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