between the lines BTLCHR 71207 Passions and prayers: sextet in hommage to Jerusalem

Yitzhak Yedid

Alon Reuven, french horn; Orit Orbach, clarinet, bass clarinet; Yaron Ouzana, trombone; Galia Hai, viola; Ora Boasson Horev, double bass; Yitzhak Yedid, piano.
  1. Part 1: Prelude/Mystic cycle/In the holy tunnel/Rave prayer/Weeping whispers (15.05)
  2. Part 2: Edge walkers.../ illusory ways/The viola's regard/In a sorcery dream/Sad pageantry (09.32)
  3. Part 3: Angel's passion/Death's scene/The storm before the calm/Prayer in hommage to Jerusalem (11.23)
  4. When silence meets silence (07.04)
  5. Part 5: In a thrill of emotions/The storm before the calm/The trombone's poem/Nothing lasts, you see.../Finale (12.31)
Recorded at the Yaffo Music Auditorium, Tel-Aviv, Israel on 27 August 2003.

Cover art work (reproduced above) by Jutta Obenhuber; graphic design: fuhrer vienna.

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