X-talk BW049 Behind the night

Marilyn Crispell/Fritz Hauser/Hildegard Kleeb/Urs Leimgruber/Elvira Plenar

Marilyn Crispell, piano, voice; Fritz Hauser, drums, percussion; Hildegard Kleeb, piano, bowed piano; Urs Leimgruber, soprano, tenor saxophones, bell, voice; Elvira Plenar, piano.

A (04.39), B part 1(04.09), B part 2 (03.30), B part 3 (06.03), B part 4 (03.15), B part 5 (03., D (09.49), E (06.58), F (13.51), G (02.48).

Recorded live at Boa, Lucerne, Switzerland on 25/26 August, 1994.

Cover (reproduced above) by Fritz Hauser.

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