Cadillac SGC/MELCD 203 Swings high

The Joe Harriott Quintet

Joe Harriott, alto saxophone; Stu Hamer, trumpet; Pat Smythe, piano; Coleridge Goode, bass; Phil Seaman, drums.

  1. Tuesday morning swing (04.46)
  2. A time for love (04.48)
  3. The rake (06.23)
  4. Blues in C (03.46)
  5. Shepherd's serenade (03.49)
  6. Polka dots and moonbeams (05.25)
  7. Strollin' South (04.25)
  8. Just goofin' (04.39)
Recorded 'in a pokey little independent studio somewhere in East London' on 20 June 1967.

Cover rehash (reproduced above) by Savage Leisurecentre.

Originally released as Melodisc LP MLP 12-150. This CD release was produced by Trevor Manwaring to whom it is dedicated.

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