Cadillac SGCCD 08/09 The London concert

David Murray

David Murray, tenor saxophone; Lawrence 'Butch' Morris, cornet; Curtis Clark, piano; Brian Smith, bass; Clifford Jarvis, drums.

    Disc 1
  1. JasVan (20.01)
  2. Home (16.20)
  3. Secret of the circle (21.27)
  4. Nairobia (17.30)
    Disc 2
  1. Flowers for Albert (28.57)
  2. Murray's steps (17.34)
  3. Conciõn de amor en Español (23.40)
Recorded 11 August 1978 live at the Collegiate Theatre, London.

Photographs (front cover reproduced above) by Jak Kilby; original sleeve design concept by Anthony Frewin, revised for CD by David Ilic.

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